Saturday, June 6, 2009

If you wait long enough...some things in life are FREE.

There is nothing more "Public" than a garage sale. I thought I was used to putting myself out there but clearly that doesn't hold a candle to putting all my old crap  on the front lawn for single men to dig through (I'm assuming they were single because they were middle aged and riding bikes with radios strapped to the handle bars).  They weren't all single men...they just stood out because they bought the most (Note to self:  Do not judge single men who ride BMX's with radio's strapped to the handle bars.  They often have more money than you think and cold cans of beer in their pockets to give to you).   All that was left was an Ann Coulter book that I couldn't even give it away for free:  although I think in the middle of the night someone in my neighbourhood inserted a postcard into the pages that read "You great big beautiful Lesbian you".   It was clearly the dudes on the bikes.